About Us

Welcome to the Voyager Chapel’s new online website. Whether you are a full-time resident of the Voyager RV Resort, a winter resident, or one of many guests from across North America, we’re glad you are giving us the opportunity to tell a bit about Voyager Community Chapel.


The Voyager RV Resort was established in 1984. Owners Ike and Blanche Isaacson felt it was important for residents to have an interdenominational place to worship. So, on January 12, 1986, the Voyager Community Chapel conducted its first service with 47 people in attendance.

The first choir had seven members. Since then, the Chapel Choir has grown to have as many as 80 to 90 members in various years. And, from that first service of 47 people, winter services have typically ranged from 300 to 500, with more than 700 in attendance on special occasions.

Please join us each Sunday … at 9:30 am … online as we worship God here in the Arizona desert.