Notes from the pastor

winter chapel is taking its summer break

The winter chapel season of 2021/2022 is now concluded … and what a blessed and wonderful season it was! We were able to meet in-person once again which was such a joy after missing the previous season due to the COVID pandemic.

From our Veteran’s Day service in early November, to our joyous Christmas celebrations, to our ten-week study of the Sermon on the Mount, to the victorious celebrations of Holy Thursday and Resurrection Sunday, our Lord was worshipped and praised each and every week.

Remember, every service was recorded and is available on the “Services” page of our website.

In the meantime, let me encourage you to attend Voyager’s Summer chapel services. Summer chapel meets in the Catalina room of the Voyager resort, with services starting at 8:50 each Lord’s Day.

Then, don’t forget to set a reminder for Sunday, November 6th, when Winter Chapel will once again hold weekly praise and worship services, in the ballroom, for the Family of God here at the Voyager RV Resort.

Have a safe, healthy, and blessed summer. See you on November 6th!

Pastor David